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8 Moms

8momslogoBaby Proofers Plus was delighted to be a featured by 8moms in 2011. When we partnered with 8moms, it was with input about what moms want, from Kidville’s amazing community of moms.

Living Social

livingsocial-logoBaby Proofers Plus was honored to be a handpicked local business to host a week long deal in 2012 with the internationally renowned Living Social online consumer resource.

The Bump

thebumpBaby Proofers Plus is proud to be featured as a local resource by The Bump, the #1 local expectant and new parent guide.

Doodle Deals

Doodledeals is now Plum District(now Plum District): In 2010 and again in 2011, Doodle Deals hosted Baby Proofers Plus in two very successful mom-focused daily deal campaigns in which nearly 200 savvy moms purchased our deal.

Baby Bites-"Hidden Dangers Found in Homes"
City Baby- "The Ultimate Guide for Parents from Pregnancy to Parenthood" - Chapter 10: Baby Proofing
Manhattan Twins Club-"The Answers to Three Questions Most Often Asked of a Baby Proofer"
Expectant Mother's Guide- "Baby Proofing Keeps Babies Safer"
t expectant mothers guide100
New York Observer-"Look Who's Baby Proofing": Howie Appelbaum
new-york-observer-logo"Baby Proof Your Home" video clip
gp logo150
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