Baby Safety: Indoors

wire management City dwellers, suburbanites, those living in small one bedroom apartments or in sprawling palatial homes, virtually all of our customers have wire management needs. With all the technology, gadgetry, electronics and home offices; many parents of young children recognize these dangers: exposed dangling wires, a birds nest of wires and cable wires along baseboards. They want solutions to protect their unsuspecting crawling baby or curious toddler from falling prey to a preventable injury. As a professional child proofer, we know the potential danger of wrapping a wire around a neck, biting onto a live electrical wire or pulling on a stapled cable wire can be trouble. There are several solutions we use to mitigate the dangers wires can cause to “our” children without compromising aesthetics.

If a home has young children (and pets), then that maze of wires is an accident waiting to happen. There are often multiple wires for a computer monitor, speakers, CPU, printer, telephone, etc. Inexpensive, cable-ties (some call them tie-wraps) for wire bundling is a great way to organize cables and cords into bundles that will help keep electronic wires tidy. Everyone knows the big concern with unprotected wires is chewing on a live electrical cord which can cause a serious electrical burn, electrical shock, equipment failure and even a fire. 

Another way to tame a home office desk wire frenzy is to camouflage the wires so that the wires are still accessible when necessary yet out of view and out of harm’s way of a crawling baby. In other situations, organizing the wires and encasing them in cord organizing tubing will conceal the wires.  

For wires that run across the floor in the middle of the room because that is the only way to reach an outlet, an on-floor cord protector cover will conceal and protect wires and cords, create a smooth, trip-free surface, while preventing a crawling baby or toddler from touching or playing with an exposed cord.   

Although most parents know that one of the biggest safety risks for curious children is cords, so often they overlook the obvious by mounting the baby monitor onto the crib or hanging it above the crib. Clearly, they do not realize that their baby can pull the monitor wire through the crib slats potentially creating a strangulation or electrical burn hazard. So many times we have seen this safety problem when we are conducting a home assessment.  

Gone are the days when a boom box made up the sound system in a living room. Speakers for a home theater system in this day and age consist of several speakers positioned all around a room to create surround sound. And with all these speakers, sometimes five or more, comes lots and lots of speaker wires. Wire mold or wire hiding latching duct raceways are made of flame retardant PVC, have an adhesive backing, along with a special latch to prevent accidental opening.  When the wires are fed through the channel they are protected and concealed with the added bonus of blending with moldings and walls; running along baseboards in much the same way as crown molding.

Baby Proofers Plus is committed to education and recommending the best safety solutions for our customers.

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