Baby Proofing Services

image006Baby proofing services by Baby Proofers Plus include comprehensive in-home safety review and professional installation of the highest quality products to help new parents keep their most valuable asset – their baby — safe through these rites of passage – crawling, pulling up, climbing, walking.

We know there are other companies that offer baby proofing services; it is our extensive knowledge, years of experience, outstanding customer satisfaction, attention to detail and how we work with parents to make their home safer for children that distinguish us from our competition.

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Our Process:

  • Conduct a comprehensive room-by-room home safety evaluation.
  • Reveal potentially dangerous objects or conditions in your home --- many hidden risks are often overlooked by new parents.
  • Encourage your questions on child safety.
  • Explain our findings and guide you in making practical and effective selections to make your home safer.
  • Install the safety products and solutions you want for your baby and teach you how to use them correctly.
  • Get it done quickly, professionally and as promised...most jobs are completed within 2-4 hours.


 aptdeck4web  Open rail spiral staircase outfitted with custom-cut Lexan panels   landing4web  wroughtiron4web
windowguard4web white Cut-fit Plexiglas panels along sides and top stair railings  topofstairs4web

Our Solutions:

  • Gates: Metal, Wood, Fabric – for stairs, doorways, framed openings, lofts, outdoor decks, room dividers.
  • Plexiglas/Lexan for railings, balconies, terraces, spiral staircases – custom designed. Aptly our specialty.
  • Wire Management at desks, along walls, dangling/exposed wires.
  • Electronic/Equipment Guards.
  • Furniture Safety: anchoring -  bookcases, floor lamps, TVs, racks, table corner cushions, edge cushion for metal furnishings, wraparound table protectors.
  • Window Safety: guards, restrictors, cords.
  • Kitchen: interior safety latches, dishwasher/appliance locks, oven safety.
  • Bathroom: tub and toilet safety, hot water risers, tub cushions.
  • Electrical Protection: outlets, power strip covers.
  • Doors: latches, closers, finger guards, stoppers, lever locks.
  • Fireplaces: hearth protection, glass doors.
  • Even solutions if you have dogs and cats.
  • And much more…

Our Promise

The owners of Baby Proofers Plus work hard at customer service and want to make sure we are on top of our game. We hope to add you to our client roster. If you have not worked with us yet we will do whatever it takes to earn your business.

Baby Proofers Plus is here to handle all your child proofing needs. We have dozens upon dozens of the best certified child safety products and can make your home safer for your child in subtle and substantial ways. Check out the many testimonials that are showcased throughout our web site that will reinforce what we can do for you, your home and, most importantly, for your baby.

Reach out to us through our Contact Us page, send us an email or call us – we will answer any question. If your baby is showing signs of being inquisitive and active, now is the time to have us help you make your home safer. We know your most precious possession is your baby --- we want to help you keep your baby safe, happy and thriving.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out.

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